Our Vision

To provide you with a top quality and most modern treatment for vascular illnesses while maintaining a personal touch and care!

Our Promise

An exceptional care for you and your family with vascular disorders. We provide a world class level of care that achieves best outcome.

Our Services

We treat varicose veins, aortic aneurysms, diabetic foot diseases, hernias, and many other illnesses. We maintain our knowledge and skills up-to-date all the time!

About Mr Jibawi


Mr Abdullah Jibawi (AJ)


Consultant Vascular, Endovascular, and General Surgeon
Doctorate in Vascular Surgery – Oxford, Sussex and Brighton Universities

Mr Jibawi is a specialist Consultant vascular surgeon with an interest in diabetic foot diseases, endovascular and aortic surgery, and in advanced varicose vein treatments. He obtained a Doctorate in the field of Vascular Surgery from University of Oxford jointly with University of Sussex. Mr Jibawi is an author of the featured Oxford book ‘Current Surgical Guidelines’, a lecturer and examiner to FRCS Alpine Course,  a medical Artist, and he enjoys football and MARA & Qigong martial Art … Read more .. 



  • One Stop Artery and Vein Clinics (OS-AVCs) – Assessment, Imaging, and Treatment plan .. all in one visit! 

  • Aortic Aneurysms Repair – Endovascular & open (>12 yrs of experience in major vascular centres – Leicester, Brighton, and Royal Free London)

  • Varicose Veins Treatment – open, endothermal & Foam treatment (>450 cases of treating standard and complex anatomy varicose veins).

  • Leg ulcers & advanced wound management

  • Claudication, critical ischaemic & gangrenous foot management.

  • Diabetic foot management (SPECIALIST CLINIC) 

  • lymphoedema management (SPECIALIST CLINIC) 

  • Hernia repair (lap and open), and skin grafts.

  • Medico-legal Informatics Advisor in clinical practice


“Dr Jibawi has a wonderful reassuring approach, he explained fully and answered all my questions. ”

“My varicose veins’ op went perfectly. I did not experience any pain at all post op. I was walking normally next day. The wounds healed quickly. My leg feels much lighter and I have no pain driving.”

“I am very pleased I had the op. I had minimal discomfort throughout which I attribute to Dr Jibawi’s expertise.”

“I recently had treatment on both legs for varicose veins, via Radiofrequency Ablation (VNUS closure). My experience was excellent and virtually pain free. Consultations were prompt, efficient and I never felt rushed. Mr Jibawi is extremely professional, courteous and kind. ”

“I had a ThermaVein treatment for thread veins on my foot. This technology is really impressive giving instant results. ”

“The entire patient experience has been very positive and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Mr Jibawi to anyone.”

“As well as referring me to …., for which I will be eternally grateful, Mr Jibawi appears to have simultaneously cured my lower limb problem. I have stepped my walking up to 4-5 miles per week and the lower limb problem has all but disappeared! Thank you for professionalism, prompt action and thoughts”


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