VeClose trial comparing adhesive vs. RFA treatment 

Source: CX 2017

108 Pts had veClose vs 114 had RFA 

No difference in pain even without tumescent in adhesive. Less bruising found in adhesive vs RFA. 

Complete occlusion 99% in adhesive vs 94% in 3 months, then after 33 months 91% in RFA vs 94% in adhesives 

Quality of life is not different however. 

Results presented by Kathleen Gibson from Bellevue USA

ATTRACT trial for DVT showing no benefit from thrombolysis 

Source: Charing Cross vasc symposium April2017

This trial was presented only and not published yet; but the results shown shows more bleeding (1.6% vs 0.3% in control) and more bleeding episodes (4.5% vs 1.7% in control). No fatal consequences noted. 

Long term results: 46.7% from interventional arm had post thrombotic syndrome vs 48.2% in control

Both iliofemoral and fenoropopliteal DVTs were included.